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Interested applicants, please email: a letter of introduction explaining why you would like to work with Caravan Stage Company, along with a recent resume and a headshot photo, to

Rigging Assistant

Required Skills: Theatre, Circus, and Rope Access Rigging.

ISO Rigging Assistant for an outdoor multidisciplinary spectacle opera with a strong environmental message that is performed on a 90-foot vessel touring British Columbia and Washington State. During the tour, the company (which includes the performers, technicians, captain, engineer, chef, and tour coordinator) live, work, and sail from port to port, set up the stages, and perform the show. It’s unique and adventurous theatre!

Production Location: May 7 to June 11 in Nanaimo BC.
Opening in Nanaimo BC: June 12 to 16

Touring from June 20 to Sept 26, performing in Courtenay BC, Sooke BC, Port Townsend WA, Bellingham WA, Seattle WA, and Victoria BC.

You are also crew on ship, and member of a watch team while sailing: four hours on, eight hours off.,

Compensation: Travel expenses + plus room and board + weekly cash stipend (the entire cast and crew all receive equal share and benefits). Room is a shared cabin on the ship. Board is healthy meals cooked by our amazing tour chef.

This is a great experience, and a chance to live and work in an intense creative environment in a community of professional artists from all over the world.


Show Set Up and Breakdown:  The Rigging Assistant helps lead the set up and strike of the aluminum truss stage on the ship. With several company members, the five parts of the upper truss are individually raised and bolted. The truss parts are bolted together with bolts and cheese burrow clamps thirty feet above the main deck. The completed truss measures fifty feet long by fifteen feet wide. The complete truss raising operation takes around eight hours and occurs several times throughout tour, depending on length of travel and bridges navigated between show sites.

During Show: The Rigging Assistant helps oversee the set up of all aerial apparatus used in the show. Before each show, the Rigging Assistant helps set two ziplines that are between the ship and shore. During the show, the Rigging Assistant will assist in leading a team of three other backstage riggers, working the rigging, manual winches, and timing for the aerialists throughout the performance.

The Caravan strives to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all people. We create a community, and we intentionally welcome all. We value the diversity of ethnic and cultural identity and background, nationality, sexual and affectional orientation, gender identity, and its expression. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion: an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for, and free to embrace the opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other.


INTERESTED VOLUNTEERS:  Please visit our Workaway site for short term opportunities!

April-June 2018, the company will be working on: ship maintenance, including repairs and upkeep of the vessel, both exterior and interior, in preparation for the 2018 production of Nomadic Tempest that will take place on North America’s west coast. The Caravan is seeking volunteers interested in helping with wood carpentry (ship and show), upcycling stage props and costuming, ship repair, engine work, cooking, fundraising, bookkeeping, and community outreach. Meals provided.