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Looking for a Chef, Lighting Technician & Local Publicist for the 2017 Touring Company in BC
Otherwise all other positions are currently FILLED
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The Caravan Stage Company is always looking to meet new people interested in working with us!

BC Tour: July 12 – October 1, 2017 Gibsons, Bowen, Vancouver & Victoria BC, Canada

LIGHTING TECHNICIAN Job Description & Duties:

  • Work in collaboration with Light Op, Sound and Video Technicians.
  • Some work done at 30ft above the main deck (climbing & rigging experience a plus)
  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment and the lighting plot & design.
  • Maintain and organize lighting equipment and cabling.
  • Help hang and focus lights for each show site
  • Crew on ship, member of a watch team while sailing – 4 hours on, 8 hours off.

The Caravan is running PARS, Altman ellipsoidals and fresnels with six 8 x 2.4k NSI dimmer packs. In addition, we have a kit of thirty units of LED Moving Heads, LED Cyc Battens and LED Outdoor pars Force 18, partially run by wireless DMX from a MA dot.2 board.

The Lighting Tech works with the Caravan Tech Team: Lighting Op, Sound Op and Video technicians: Two Video Projectionist, and One Interactive Media Operator. This is a very challenging tech show with the Lights, Sound, Music, four and four on board riggers running lines for four aerialists and three singer/actors.

CHEF Job Description & Duties:

PREPARING 2 MEALS A DAY- LUNCH & DINNER for 19 people, with the aid of a rotating crew volunteer. Meals are simple, healthy & accommodating to various dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, paleo & allergies. The kitchen is the galley aboard the Amara Zee.

BULK SHOPPING WITH A BUDGET with the aid of a rotating crew volunteer.

*Clean up is done by the crew on a rotating basis.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to prepare timely meals on a budget, have good organization skills and a sense of humor. Enjoy working and living in a communal setting, with many artistic people.

LOCAL PUBLICIST Job Description & Duties:

Must be organized, with experience, particularly social media savvy (i.e. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). Have your own computer with excellent internet skills. Well organized, hard working, flexible & able to work independently. Have an adventurous spirit & sense of humor. Enjoy working and living in a communal setting on a ship with 19 artists and theatre people. These professional skills are useful for future arts and theater administration employment.


  • Identify local media for coverage, interviews & sponsorship
  • Identify local organizations for cross-promoting
  • Consistently post photos and updates of Caravan Stage Company through Social Media
  • Press Releases: Work in collaboration with Tour Coordinator
  • Front of house assist during the show.
  • Crew on ship, member of a watch team while sailing – 4 hours on, 8 hours off.

As needed: Travel booking at end of tour & General administration duties, assisting Tour Coordinator.

Pay: Travel expenses + plus room & board + weekly cash stipend (NB: The entire cast & crew all receive equal share and benefits). Room is a shared cabin on the ship. Board is healthy meals cooked by a Chef.


Interested applicants, please email: a letter of introduction explaining why you would like to work with Caravan Stage Company; a recent resume and a head-shot photo, to

Please visit our Workaway site for short term opportunities.




The 2017 British Columbia, Canada Tour of The Nomadic Tempest . If you are interested in working with the Caravan, send a letter of introduction, CV and photo.