Vanishing Currents 2005/06

VANISHING CURRENTS will take you into the lives of ordinary people inhabiting your world who are subject to the horrors visited on them as a direct result of decisions made by individuals who have political and personal goals...goals that, very often, sound hollow when tested by the scales of human grief and suffering.

  • Synopsis

    Vanishing Currents explores the memories and choices of 6 refugees, each mourning the loss of relationships, childhood, dreams and families; each leaving behind a personal hell in search of the opportunity, security and safety of the West. Randomly selected from a secret internment camp under subcontracted corporate management, the refugees are lowered into a ship`s container which will take them on an uncertain journey. The play presents a crucial, metaphorical moment where the passengers must decide whether to accept their fate or undertake the dangerous task of assuming control over their destiny, despite the odds against their success.

    Vanishing Currents examines the dreams and realities of Western immigration, exploring the intrigue and opportunity that attracts so many dreamers, each abandoning their ancestral homelands and loved ones, hazarding deprivation and starvation, risking death and incarceration, to seek the gold of the promised land. The Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre will be transformed into a container ship carrying a clandestine cargo of both materials and humans. The audience will experience an imagined journey with this surreal ship, departing from the shores of promise and sailing into the oceans of uncertainty, the waters of suspense and the waves of global intrigue.

    Can we all silently ride this morality merry-go-round, this ethical carnival of hell…a ride that has taken us all on a four thousand year journey. Perhaps there is another way to face these horrors, to respond to the violence…perhaps this new work, will offer some fresh perspectives…and we might be able to alter the course of the vanishing.


    Vanishing Currents is about terror, control and trust. It is a magical circus spectacle featuring original music, mask, aerial dance, fire and multi-media projection. Vanishing Currents examines the nature of fear, ultimately demonstrating that, in the words of Frederik Douglas, “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress”.

  • Comments

    “What a memorable evening. I thank you for the moment in life. What lingers after the performance is dramatic and disturbingly thought provoking. The impact of the happenings that you spread on the table continues to ferment and grow…and is persistent, and relentless.”
    Teresa Tarkanowsky, Artistic Director, Treatro Ole Flamenco Ole, New Orleans

    “The Performance was powerful beyond words, far beyond. I felt very privileged to be there and be exposed to this power, which gave me so much insight into the lives of others on this planet I can so easily dismiss because I do not experience them in actuality. And most of all, the theme and message is so vitally important and was presented in as compelling a way as I could imagine.”
    Lucianne Carmichael, Director, Studio In The Woods, New Orleans

    “The acrobats move breathtakingly gracious: they dance the sky, circle around the mast and rustle along the lines of the ship.”
    Leeuwarden Courant, August, 2006

    “A visually stunning tribute to the injustice experienced by many migrants seeking a’land of promise’. “
    Amsterdam Weekly, July, 2006

    “Exceptional… impressive performance on a Theater ship.”
    Noordhollands Dagblad, August, 2006

    “Vanishing Currentsis a haunting, mystical submersion in theatre, and a refreshing reminder that perhaps there is something new under the sun. It launches us into amusically diverse & stunning visual exploration of xenophobia.”
    R. Poindexter, Director, The NewOrleans-Cuba Mariel Amistad Society, 2005

    “Four year old, Vonita; 12-year-oldTravon; 59-year-old Sandra and 61 yearold Joshua experienced the essence of performance last night. VANISHING CURRENTS will be forever remembered. Thank you for a wonderful, glorious,tantalizing evening. Bravo!”
    Sandra Berry, Director, The Neighbourhood Gallery, New Orleans

    “VANISHING CURRENTSis a wonderfully imaginative,poetic, fanciful work, while making a serious comment on the world today. I know of no othertheatre company that does the extraordinary work that you do.”
    Howard Zinn, Author of ” A People’s History of the United States of America”

    “VANISHING CURRENTS surprised on many levels, for the show featured acrobatics way up in the rigging and circus stunts that were breathtaking. The music, the acrobatics and visuals were stunning. The message was bold and heartfelt. The Caravan Stage Company is a highly talented, original and dedicated troupe. Here’s hoping it returns toNew Orleans.”
    Dalt Wonk, Theater Critic, The New Orleans Gambit, 2005

    “I found VANISHING CURRENTS very gripping and captivating. It has left a very strong impact on me especially with regard to how our rights are being eroded and what this will mean to our individual freedoms…I could be deported just like one of the refugeesin your show.”
    Magda Dielen, Antwerp, 2005

    “VANISHING CURRENTS, the play: in one word, marvellous!”
    Rotterdams Algemeen Dagblad, 2005

  • Photos

    Photos from Vanishing Currents tour of 2005-06.