Utopian Floes 2007/09

UTOPIAN FLOES is set in a future space-zone in a time of planetary desecration, in a time of planetary fantasy where only a few members of the surviving Earthling species still exist. These Earthlings, all from different time periods on Earth - from 7500 BP to 3010 AD - were forced to flee their historical epochs, their Utopian Societies because of severe climate maelstroms that destroyed their civilized realms. They all found refugee on a Flying-Moon-Ship. This Ark-de-Space is traveling the solar system looking for another planet to safely inhabit.

  • Synopsis


    The Captain of the Flying-Ship is the Moon TRITON with her Musical Band of FictionLanders, who have equally escaped a planetary climatic catastrophe that made orbiting Neptune untenable for TRITON. Each of the Earthling characters on the Flying-Ship was on the very precipice of a life-threatening crisis when, somehow, they were cosmically & miraculously whisked aboard the Flying-Ship. They all have two things in common: they all are individuals who lived in a Utopian Society, albeit perhaps only fleetingly…secondly, they are all individuals who still dream of creating a Utopian Society.

    In UTOPIAN FLOES, in order to keep the desolation from destroying their dreams, each passenger continually creates feats of fantasy mythmaking performed in dance & aerial arts, music & song, poetry & fable, video animation & shadow puppetry. Each passenger slowly realizes that they must all share this voyage of the Flying-Ship with it´s endangered resources, coveted spatial elements, and a few beguiling mysteries. Although primarily a visual/imagistic/movement show, the text/songs will encompass many languages: English, German, Spanish, Serbian, Inuit, Turkish, French, & Tritonish.

    UTOPIAN FLOES will celebrate the tenuous elements that can and do generate the bonds of diverse and ageless relationships that layer and celebrate our existence.

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  • References

    “A suicidal coldness is seeping all levels of interaction. There is a dispassion of energy that has become
    a way of life in human pain. Such suffering is felt deeply & continuously, so feeling must be shut off.”
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    “”The Chimney” is a great whirlpool in the ocean, 10 kilometers in diameter, constantly circling, siphoning water from the surface to the seabed. The water descending the Chimney will not return to the surface for 1000 years. The Chimney, once one of a large “family of planetary water engines”, pursues its lonely job in the Arctic Ocean, its swirling waters the switch that can turn the heat engine of the world`s climate system on & off. “
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    “In some cases in the past, climate change fostered the spread of disease; in others, climate change might have set of migration and warfare; or, in others, the cold alone made life untenable. The interplay of climate, politics and economics is complex, but we have an advantage over past civilizations that were blindsided by climate change…we may be able to learn from their misfortunes.”
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    “The Oil companies are ramming full speed ahead undertaking more brutal land-raping technologies to get at the Earth`s remaining supply of oil, sucking up tar sands, coal and anything else to maintain power & profit. They are, and will continue to be, utterly relentless.”
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    “In a world reeling from the effects of export capitalism & globalization, nothing could be more stable than people taking responsibility for their own demands on the biosphere.”
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  • Comments

    “I’d like to thank you for coming to our little neck of woods and entertaining the people of my community. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put into this lovely show. I especially liked the music, the songs and the breath-taking performance of the acrobats on the ropes! I am grateful for the unique experience and the great show I saw last night and I wish you success & a good audience for the next 37 years. Good sailing!”
    Zoltan Soos, a resident of Szentendre, Hungary, and admirer of the Caravan Stage

    “The show of Caravan Stage Company proved to be a modern musical theater in its best sense: unique music and outrageous voices, highly dynamic performances, and artistry in the rigging of the 25m high masts combined with intriguing stage sets. When at the beginning of the show aerial artists like squirrels climb up the masts the audience’s breath is caught, and this intentness holds on throughout the entire show. This performance quite plainly delivers the message to care for earth’s resources as it tells the story of the crew of a moon ship searching for a new home planet after earth has become uninhabitable as a consequence of a climatic catastrophe.”
    Herbert Klein, Publisher, Vienna, Austria

    “Congratulation on the performance that was astonishing and put a charm on me. Thanks for sharing your talent with the villagers.”
    Zsoka Hopka from the small apple-village Dunaalmas, Hungary

    “The show was all about life and death and the spiritual choices you need to make between life and death…and now I have lots to think about before I die!”
    Nikos, Crew Member of Bulgarian ship, BLACK CAT-WHITE CAT.

    Charley Winke, River Pilot & Engineer, Korneuburg, Austria

    “I truly admire the courage for this kind of performance. It was a great combination of music, costumes, visual effects and performance. I sure hope that many more people will have a chance to experience the same thrill & excitement as I did. Proof of this: I have seen the show twice in a row.”
    Bane, Apatin, Serbia

    “The show was all about life and death and the spiritual choices you need to make between life and death…
    and now I have lots to think about before I die!”
    Nikos, Film Ship Crew BLACK CAT-WHITE CAT, Vladiko Gradiste, Serbia

    “Beautiful, Beautiful show! Can we ever forget you? Impossible!”
    Branko, Backa Palenko, Serbia

    “Your show lit a fire in my soul that will keep me warm for many years to come”
    Gorge, Manager, Restaurant, Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria

    “Your show was as good as any musical by Lloyd Webber, and tackled serious issues. Well done!”
    George Malynicz, UK resident in Greece

    “I personally really enjoyed the performance. I have never seen anything like it. I had a wonderful time and was flabbergasted at the end of the performance. You deserve all the praise in the world.”
    Alex Radcliffe, UK

    “We would like to thank you again for the happiness you gave us with your fantastic performance on the shore of Karavos. We admired the acting, voices, music, aerial choreography, but above all the idea and the message you want to deliver to the people.”
    Yannis, Frosso, Nikos, Haris, Simone, Aliveri, Greece

    “I watched your show yesterday in Thassos and I couldn`t believe that such an artistic event took place on my home island. Keep doing this and don`t let anything discourage you. You`re great!”
    Dionisis Panousis, Thessaloniki, Greece

    “Your show was sad and shocking, but very, very beautiful.”
    Maria Moliviatis, Greek Canadian, Volus, Greece

    “Very spectacular show with more content then I could imagine. Tres joli spectacle, tres spectaculaire et une tres bonne idee de melanger chanteurs, acrobats et musiciens sur un voilier. In one word, it was Great!”
    Gerry & Sophie, L`Iliade, French Yacht in Montenegro

    “Pour ceux qui aiment voyager, parcourir le monde, avides de rencontres imprevues ou insolites, qui aiment le reve, la fiction, la reflexion sur ce monde qui se delite, l`Amara Zee et ses spectacles flottants, itinerants, et cosmiques est un regal. Je me suis laisse seduire par la troupe en admirant la perfection du spectacle et tout ce que cela sous-tend comme preparation. Je suis pleinement avec eux.”
    Gerard & Catherine Bachy, (Cern Lab) Bern Switzerland

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    Photos from The Utopian Floes tour of 2007-09.