Uprising! 2012

A pirate tale of trial and triumph in the virtual sea. The saga of the swash-buckers of vagabond who virtually abscond with the ill-begotten imperial treasures of the malevolent paradise privateers and sail through the operatic corsairs upon the sea of anarchistic renegades into the mare-times beyond.

  • Show description

    Written & directed by Paul Kirby
    Designed by Adriana Kelder
    Music composed by Ivan Marović
    Lighting Design by Robert Steen

    UPRISING! is a Caravan original experimental opera featuring a Band of Pirate Hackers who concoct a daring caper to liberate the “immoral fortunes of the global powers” & disseminate these treasures over the seven seas, seeding & entrusting this wealth free to all the people in their UPRISING!

    After long nights of barren cause-ways…we awake to the new dawn’s fragrant uprising!

    This new Caravan work will present a cast of characters from all over the world each playing an “actual individual and a virtual pseudonym”. These virtual pseudonyms are historical real individuals, all known for their uprising! in their own historical times. Thus, this new play/opera revolves & conjures various different time zones…one in the PRESENT and one in the PAST…with the finale in the NEAR-FUTURE.


    The Cast of Virtual Characters includes: KAHINA, a Berber Warrior-Queen fighting the foreign invaders in 7th Century Maghreb; GIOVANNI Zioli, a Venetian Rebel Priest who became a Pirate Sage in 1702; Louis Real, a Metis Renegade who was hung in 1885 for leading a Native Uprising against the Colony of Canada; MICHELINA de CESARE, 1841-1868, the L’eroina del Sud, a mythic Brigantesse who fought & died for the disspossed peoples living in the occupied lands of the Sicilies; Isabelle Eberhardt, an explorer/writer, who became a Moslem renege, dying in the North African desert in 1904; Sister Ping, currently in Federal Hotel for supposedly smuggling Chinese migrants into the US democratic dystopia.

    High Up in the Rigging of the Ship, we encounter three giant Hybrid marionettes…the Orb Weavers of Time’s Judicial Throne. They are huge Spiders with a Human cranium sprouting a plentiful array of eye orbs, mandibles, & pincers…each a Supreme Judge character: Tradgia, Verita, Raptura. Each Orb Weaver has an Embedded Aerialists inside their cranium cavity, like a Spider-Centaur. These three Aerialists perform inside and outside their Orb Weaver Spider host bodies. Like the ubiquitous & infinite Tentacles of Time, these Embed Aerialists confront, contort and contrive an array of conspiracies amongst the Hackers…weaving a web of intrigue for those who are caught up in the Orb Weaver Net-Works strung all over the ship.

    Uprising! will include a Caravan feast of elements: a Full length musical score with sung solos, duets, chorus, and dialogues; a Sceneography of a massive global network of ropes, nets, ladders and swings from which all the characters romp, & hack their capers; Technicians that will be costumed in a cast of virtual/historical characters; a Bank of video imagery projected all over the ship & set; a Light design and Sound scape that will uniquely manifest each time zone in the work, each with distinct colors and sound patterns; Lyrics & dialogue subtitled on the exterior of the ship…in Italian/English for Sicily and in Tunisian/French for Tunisia; & a Violinist Songster/Trickster in the aerial regions of the Caravan Ship…

    …plus…a surprise and explosive (and happy) ending…


  • Itinerary 2012

    The Caravan will be touring Sicily for it’s 42nd annual season, commencing with the World Premiere of the new Caravan Show: UPRISING! in Licata at the Marina di Cala dei Sole on July 6th, 2012.

    Marina di Cala del Sole, Licata

    Marina di Cala del Sole, Licata
    July 6, 7 & 8


    July 15 & 17

    Marina di Ragusa July 21 & 22

    Marina di Ragusa
    July 21 & 22


    July 30

    Milazzo August 17, 18 & 19

    August 17, 18 & 19

    Portorosa August 24 & 25

    August 24 & 25

    Lipari August 31 & September 1

    August 31 & September 1

    Tropea September 8, 9

    September 8, 9


    September 22

    Marina D'Arechi

    Marina D’Arechi
    Winter Quarters 2012-13

  • Sponsors 2012

    The Caravan Stage would like to acknowledge the support of the following companies, whose contributions enable the Caravan’s continued success.

    Major sponsors

    Major Sponsors

    The Davies Foundation 
    Sustaining Financial Support
    Akzo Nobel
    Sikkens (Cetol) products
    Barry Cordage
    Rigging Supplies
    Specialty Projectors
    Safe lifting and transport
    Gleistein Ropes
    Ropes for all applications
    Johnson Controls
    Marine Batteries
    Welding experts
    Quality Audio Products
    Marina D’Arechi Neutrik
    Connectors for A/V and industry
    Stage lighting and fog machines
    Mooring systems
    Sigma Coatings 
    High quality coatings and paint
    Ship Sealant Products



    Theatrical sound equipment
    Artes Carlsbro
    Video projector
    Clips Shop Coemar
    LED theatre lights
    Marine hardware
    Dometic Group
    Sealand marine sanitary supplies
    Filtration technology
    Machines & power equipment
    Innovative electronics
    CB radios for ship and show
    Industria Mole Abrasive
    Rigid abrasive discs
    Nautical charts and books
    Kacsa Led Lenser
    Focusable LED Flashlights
    Electronic products
    Ship repairs
    Paint and wood care protection
    Diesel and gas engines
    Poly Flex 
    Motor mounts
    Filtration systems for engines
    Figure 53
    QLab – live show control software
    Singing Rock
    Wood coatings
    Tenco Twitchell
    Contract fabrics
    Specialty Illumination lighting
    Boat products
    We Love Colors
    Fashion Hosiery
    Whale Pumps
    Water systems

    Local Sponsors

    Local Sponsors

    Cantieri Teatrali

    Carlino Piacenti

    Centro Edile

    Dietro Le Quinte


    OmniaCom Italia

    Rina Triglia

    The Sound Factory
  • Reviews

    These are the italian reviews of UPRISING! Tour 2012.

    Salerno Cronaca (Domenico Barbati)

    The coast in front of the Salerno Football stadium buzzed with ladies in evening dress and lots of young people in sportswear; all to experience an avant garde show that contained current cutting-edge topics – hacker/ information data pirates- all told in a new and original style. The lyrics and subtitles together with scenes noir were projected onto a transparent scrim all over the Caravan Stage Company’s theatre ship. Behind the scrim and up in the masts of the ship, the acrobats of the company performed their multiple transformations, leaving viewers, first surprised and then enchanted by the uniqueness of the event.
    La litoranea davanti lo stadio D’Arechi pullulava di signore in abito da sera ma anche di tanti giovani in abiti sportivi, arrivati per assistere ad uno spettacolo d’avanguardia che trattava argomenti attuali-pirateria informatica- in veste completamente nuova. Il testo proiettato su un telo trasparente con scene noir ,mentre dietro, dai pennoni della naveteatro, gli acrobati della compagnia si esibivano nelle loro evoluzioni, lasciando gli spettatori, prima sorpresi e poi incantati dalla singolarità dell’evento.

    Roma Cronaca (Angela Mendola)

    “UPRISE” the show of the Caravan Stage theatre company, manifested the undisputed power of theatre, illuminating the Port Salerno Village for 75 mimutes on Saturday night. The show encompassed musical symphony, dialogues, bilingual subtitles, special effects, colorful lighting, and acrobatic feats on board the Caravan ship, the Amara Zee.
    Ad avere l’indiscusso dominio della scena, illuminando il Salerno Port Village, è stato lo spettacolo “Uprise”, della durata di circa 180 minuti, del Caravan Tall ShipTheatre. Sinfonia di musica, dialoghi e testi bilingue , colori ed evoluzioni acrobatiche a bordo di Amara Zee.

    La Citta di Salerno (Marilla Parente)

    The artists of the Caravan Stage Company, before returning to their countries of origin, gifted the Salernitani people with a show created by the fusion of acting, singing, acrobatic dance and masks; a moving work of art that emblazoned the night at the Marina d’Arechi.
    Gli artisti prima di tornare ai loro paesi d’origine, hanno regalato ai salernitani uno spettacolo frutto della fusione di recitazione, canto, danza acrobatica e maschere; un’esibizione toccante che ha colorato il Marina d’Arechi.
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