Red Tides 2002/03

RED TIDES is a work of experimental theatre. It is experimental both in style and content. The style is a collage of characters, music, dance, poetry, and, aerial and lighting artistry. The content is a Myth - a mythic story spoken, sung, and danced to those who currently inhabit the space in front of this ship - you the "people".

  • Synopsis

    According to the, a Myth is an ancient fable or fantasy dealing with the supernatural beings or ancestors of a people that serves to provide the people with the story of their origins, history, deities, and an interpretation and understanding of the natural world, and the ideals of their society. You the Audience are the People. This is your fable, your fantasy, as created by a supernatural being, The Red Tidess. The Red Tides phenomenon has been around for centuries and yet even today with all the sophisticated research methodology and resources, it is, fundamentally still a mystery-one of the very few mysteries still existent! So we embraced the mystery.

    In creating this Myth, we have personified the mystery of the Red Tides phenomenon in the theatrical device of the Red Tidess, the Goddess of Fate. She inhabits the Amoeba Cellular Globe in the rigging of this Ship of Mime. She has her Aerial Sorceress and her Attrition Dancers to whirl her tales, her web of history–your past, present and future. On shore we have the Ancient Shaman and the Contemporary Shaman weaving and spinning tales of poetic reality and imagistic fantasy. In your midst, you will encounter two characters–the hooded figure of the Everyone/Everyperson, willing to perform the role of the scapegoat for all of the trials and tribulations of human civilization, and, the purveyor of healing fumes, the Olfactory Weaver and Fire Tender.

    In the world of popular entertainment including most established art forms, it is always fashionable to encapsulate the meaning of the work in a concise “DEFINITION”. It is the purpose of this “DEFINITION” that will, supposedly, allow the audience–you–to understand what the art “is”, in essence to give it a “package”! Has this always been with us or is this an outcome or direct product of the “Age of the Soundbyte”? Is it vital and meaningful to package an artistic experience as a product? RED TIDES is a work that conjures a society where myth and poetry were a staple of everyday reality. In this sense, RED TIDES is an artistic entreaty performed as a pageant. It is a prayer not in plea to any particular deity or divinity in the religious sense, but a prayer to all of you to think of the pain that you surround yourself and others, and to experience the beauty that you could surround yourself. It is prayer that I have chosen to shape as a mythic story. I suggest you let your senses experience the performance, let your cognitive wrestling commence after the show, and take this dance of delights, this carnival of contradictions, this layered cake of meanings and messages back to the fireside of your lives. As the Red Tidess sings out…

    “Behold the Whirlpool! Behold the Whirlwind!
    You have come to a resting place in the bend of the human race
    On the banks of the question in the whirlpool of transition.”

  • Comments

    “Insightful, serioustheatre with a wonderful world message.”
    Gayle Folks, Lake Charles, LA

    “Excellent! Riveting! Beautiful!”
    A. Kuebodreaux, Beaumont TX

    “Brought my eyes to open and fascinated my mind!”
    Bill Smith, The Daily Iberian,New Iberia LA

    “I cannot begin to tell you how inspiring the show is. I could see it over and over. The message is so powerful and moving. It is just absolutely brilliant!”
    Theresa Hopkins, St. Louis MO

    “I attended your show the last night in Jacksonville and it was in one word:fantastic!!! Enjoyed everything from the first minute it started. Phenomenal! I wished that I could have seen it again.”
    Paul Cormelissens, Jacksonville FL

    “Even my 8 year old enjoyed it, BOTH NIGHTS!”
    C. Yopp, Houma LA

    “It is estimated 900 to 1000 people enjoyed the performance; and our co-sponsors, the Herald Tribune & the County Parks Department, were thrilled.”
    PJ. Malbulsson, Director, County Arts Council, Port Charlotte

    “Director Paul Kirby brought to us an unequal performance;to do it with a 90ft tall ship as a stage sits himapart from ANY other productionI have witnessed in 27 years of experience. He is the Spielberg of travelling theatre.”
    Gary Knight, President FBX Productions, Slidell LA

    “What a wonderful performance! It is an experience we will cherish forever!”
    Renee Harrington, Director,ACT ONE, Port Arthur TX

    “I stood through yourhour and a half performance of RED TIDES in the hot Mobile climate.I would do it again in a heartbeat. Fantastic performance!”
    David Schlitzer, Mobile AL

    “It was great to be able to offer this experimental theatre and give the audience a fabulous experience that involved both the land and the sea.”
    Jeff Nall, Development Director, Arts Council of Northwest Florida

    “The Caravan created a mesmerizing show in our port. The audience was in for a treat, as the performers appeared magically suspended from high in the ships rigging, reciting carefully sculpted mythological lines. It truly was a treat for Pensacola.”
    Charles Porter, Director, Port of Pensacola, Pensacola FL

  • Photos

    Photos from The Red Tides tour of 2002-03.