Hacked … the Treasure of the Empire 2015

HACKED…THE TREASURE OF THE EMPIRE! is a contemporary tale set in a futuristic and dystopic world of pirate hacker activists taking on the largest global bank on the planet – the Mammon Corporation, residing in a “house-of-horrors”-esque superstructure.

  • Show description

    It is a metaphoric extravaganza of a daring, undercover heist to infiltrate the coffers of the corporate and corrupted global bank controlling the destiny of every man and woman. Through virtual manipulation, the hackers liberate the bank’s vault of all their gold with unexpected and terrifying consequences. Political and biblical references underline this experimental opera told through song, aerial acrobatics, video & huge puppet heads perched high in the riggings of the ship. It features poetic lyrics, an exotic musical score, multiple video screens with an array of visual trickery, surreal lighting and sound with passionate characters that strut, swagger, swoon and swing high above the ship’s deck.

    Written in 2012 & first mounted in 2014, HACKED is set on the Caravan Ship, the Amara Zee, wrapped in large video screen upon which an array of image-projections play inside and outside the overall set design ~ the ruins of an abandoned carnival theme park.


    The HACKED characters include the following: Three singer/actors playing the voice and manipulating the physicality of the Mammon “Sixtovarice”; Two aerial artists executing the “Orders” of the Mammon; One singer/actor playing an invisible, ancient universal prisoner; and Four singer/actors playing the members of the Merry Band of Hackster Pirates.


  • Tour itinerary 2015

    Rest of Tour dates to be announced soon.


    JUNE 10-14

    Hudson NY: June 24, 25, 26, 27

    Hudson NY
    June 24, 25, 26, 27


    JULY 04

    OSWEGO NY AUGUST 5, 6, 7

    AUGUST 5, 6, 7


    AUGUST 14, 15



  • Sponsors 2015

    The Caravan Stage would like to acknowledge the support of the following companies, whose contributions enable the Caravan’s continued success.

    Major sponsors

    Major Sponsors

    The Davies Foundation 
    Sustaining Financial Support
    Barry Cordage
    Rigging Supplies
    BBC Chartering 
    Amara Zee transport across
    the Atlantic from
    Salerno, Italy to Houston, USA
    Bonnell Aluminum 
    Set construction
    Kee Safety
    Kee klamp connectors
    Welding experts
    Battery charger
    Connectors for A/V and industry
    Stage lighting and fog machines
    Ship Sealant Products
    Contract fabrics
    Marine pumps
    Marine pumps
    Flexible hose for special effects
    Approved OilApproved Oil
    Diesel for the Amara Zee



    Achilles USA Inc 
    Clear Vinyl
    Action Stainless Steel Altman Lighting 
    Theatrical Lights
    Gas Springs for set
    A&S Inc 
    Aluminum plate off-cut & flat bar
    Atlantic Braids
    Rope and braid for ship and show
    Bedford Reinforced Plastic 
    Plastic Grating for set
    Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd 
    Zinc Anodes for ship
    Centek Industries
    wet exhaust systems, genset pollution
    Top Gun
    Durable sail fabric
    Marine hardware
    Dometic Group
    Sealand marine sanitary supplies
    Filtration technology
    Covers for Taylor-made fenders
    Gleistein Ropes
    Ropes for all applications
    GVA Lighting
    LED Lights for show
    Haier America 
    Chest Freezer for Galley
    Johnson Controls 
    Marine Batteries
    Sea-Dog Line
    Blue Water Cleats
    Milos USA
    Staging Hardware
    Paint and wood care protection
    Peerless Hardware
    Mooring Cleats
    Marine coatings
    Filtration systems for engines
    RBS Battens
    Battens for set pieces
    Video software
    Richardson’s Maptech
    Chart Books
    Figure 53
    QLab – live show control software
    Lee Filters
    Color gelats for lighting
    Mooring systems
    Singing Rock
    Wood coatings
    Stainless Steel marine hardware
    Taylor Made
    The Light Source
    Lighting Equipment
    Ship Safety Supplies
    Truss Supplies
    Engine filters
    Vane Borthers
    Fuel for ship, Amara Zee
    Simrad Yachting
    GPS Chartplotter for ship, Amara Zee
    Wood stove chimney pipe and parts
    Marlen Textiles
    Polyester fabrics & Waterproofing
    TPR Enterprises, ltd.TPR Enterprises
    Neon Rope Light

    Local Sponsors

    Local Sponsors

    Quadrozzi studios
    Eastern steel
    Steel for the set
    Fleischer Tube
    Stainless steel bar for ship
    Mazzona Ace Hardware
    Supplies for set, masks, props
    Office trailer lease
    Traverse Outfitters
    Sleeping bags
    Artist & Craftsman Supply
    Quality art supplies
    Coolants Plus
    Coolants and Lubricant Suppliers
    The Compleat Sculptor
    Materials, Tools, Supplies & Services
    Yarde Metals
    Aluminum, stainless, carbon steel
    Industrial supplies
    Lowe’s Building supplies
    Kamco Supply Corp
    Building supplies
    Home DepotHome Depot
    Various hardware
    Gepco BrandGepco Brand
    Various cabling
    Manor Electric SupplyManor Electrical Supply
    Set supplies
  • Reviews

    2015 Reviews

    The Caravan HACKED show was amazing, thought provoking, and beautiful! It was my first Caravan experience, but I will never forget it!
    Amy Olenzek, Oswego NY

    Great show! Thanks for visiting our town. We had a nice evening watching your show. Hope you come back again and we can bring our kids.
    Thomas Russo II, Coxsackie NY

    I had my breath taken away by the sight of the beautiful Amara Zee, built by incredible people who continue to live according to their dreams and convictions. They bring a mind-blowing and refreshing worldview and a way to see freedom in a whole new light. The performers are passionate and dedicated. The harmonies are tight & haunting. The visual elements are stunning & magical. and the “HACKED” story left me with a true feeling of empathy – I was touched.
    Gitanjali Jain, Performing Artist, Montreal

    AmZee Horseman

    The Caravan show “HACKED” is a great show! It is packed full of energy. A unique experience of talent and spectacle with deep issues that are pertinent today!
    Edith Mastry, Oswego NY

    HACKED is a great show that is artistically world class with a socially relevant message that most of the world’s population suffers austerity and wars! Thank you Caravan!
    Craig Berggold, Media Artist, Teaching Fellow, Queens University

    The Caravan has done the crazy impossible thing again. I enjoyed the humour & vastness of the story and beautiful design of the lighting & video. Caravan is always a great experience!
    Rosa Stella, Director, Center for Indigenous Theatre, Toronto

    Mammon AZ

    Unfortunately that ends the reviews for 2015 as the tour itself was cut short due to health issues suffered by our Captain!

    2014/13 Reviews

    HACKED exists on a plane of imagination with the likes of Laurie Anderson, Steve Reich, Brian Eno and Phillip Glass only on a much larger scale. It’s an opera, a concert piece, and a major performance art delivered by a beautiful talented ensemble. It made me want to run away with the circus!
    Reg Flowers, Artistic Director, Falconworks Artists Group, Brooklyn NY, Sept 29, 2014
    What a great treat to have the Caravan come to Brooklyn. You created a destination back to the waterfront that was once‐bustling and now almost‐forgotten. You should be very proud to have brought a community closer together in a show both unique and entertaining.
    David Sharps, The Waterfront Museum, Red Hook, NYC, Sept 30, 2104

    I just saw your last show in Brooklyn last night. AMAZING!
    Drew, Brooklyn, Sept 28, 2014
    I lived in NYC and was deeply embedded in the underground art and music scene there for 15 years and I have to say, your show is one of the best things I’ve ever seen anywhere. Seriously incredible on every level!
    Sam Sebren, Radio WGXC, Aug 12, Hudson NY

    Great show ‐ must see! The performers put their all ‐ an art form. The message suits the crisis the area and Brooklyn is experiencing, with big business moving in, peoples need to fight back or become their slaves. Leaves a lasting impression. Must see!
    Amazed from Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Paper, Sept 20, 2014
    STUNNING and impressive show!
    Suzan from Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Paper, Sept 21, 2014

    What a show, nothing like it! But your going to have to think, so be prepared to use your brain.
    Raymond from Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Paper, Sept. 20, 2014
    What a marvelous show this is with lovely singing segments, superb aerial dancers that put you on the edge of your seat, and the massive Grain Elevator looming like a shrine over you. WOW!
    Rita from Brooklyn Heights, The Brooklyn Paper, Sept. 20, 2014

    I really enjoyed your show at Ossining last night. Very impressive. I enjoyed the Hackers and the Big Business analogies. Excellent performance and I look forward to seeing you perform again.
    Cleech, Ossining NY, August 4, 2014
    The Caravan Company delivers productions of experimental opera that might be described as Cirque du Soleil meets Occupy Wall Street. Shows feature outlandish props, circus acrobatics and aerialists dangling from the ship’s rigging. The opera themes are critical of the rich, governments & global corporations. Its heroes are hackers promoting the equal distribution of wealth, who are persecuted by paranoid and over‐controlling authorities.
    Corey Kilgannon, NY Times, Aug 5, 2014

    “Hacked” is a howl at futuristic dystopian society where rebel hacker pirates have robbed a greedy worldwide corporation. Starting the show, the rebels zip line up to the rigging after hacking all the gold reserves from the “Mammon Corp”. The multi media spectacle is replete with dramatic lighting, spooky music, provocative sung dialog and huge evil looking puppet heads over looking the action as the cast swings through the rigging like the Flying Walendas.
    John Mike Vargo, Boating on the Hudson, October 2014
    The Caravan show is this amazing experimental rock opera, with giant puppetry, aerialists working on silk, and lots of riggings and music. The cast is physically beautiful and compelling, talented & engaging. Gorgeous lights and music. We were blown away by the spectacle. All of us were spell bound. Caravan Stage Company is a massive operation, a game changer for downtown cultural life. Go see the show.
    Metro JAX, June 17, 2014

    I’m so grateful that my family & I had the opportunity to experience this excellent performance! So many of us are driven by this chaotic society to become a slave to the dollar. Thank you all for such passion in acting out what is in the minds of so many others! Keep doing what you are doing! I can’t wait to see you all back in Jacksonville. BRAVO!
    Stan Bellarvie, June 19, 2014, Jacksonville FL
    Attended Saturday’s show in Athens NY. Bravo to say the least! Great Performance!
    Al Phakiko, Athens NY, September 1, 2014

    In Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of History (1837), he states, ‘We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the World has been accomplished without passion.’ It is BBC’s passion that drives us to provide the highest levels of performance. Passion is the reason that performers, like the ones in the Caravan Stage Company, are inspired to examine our world through theater, music, poetry and visual art. We are excited to see the Amara Zee move with BBC Chartering and we are pleased that we can help bring the Caravan Stage Company’s shows to people around the World.
    Svend Andersen, BBC Chartering’s CEO
    Just being around the Caravan inspires a person to break the boundaries…
    Jeane Manning, Changing Power, 06/2011

    Your show in Jacksonville was very thought provoking. I enjoyed it immensely!
    Irv Thomas, Jacksonville, June 23, 2014
    AMARA ZEE…the Heart of the Sea Goddess
    The Amara Zee is straining at her tether
    Creaking and nodding, she waits for better weather
    Sails are furled, lines are taut
    She sniffs the blowing wind and sighs with all she’s got
    Dreaming of the day when she’ll be running with the tide
    Loosed from moors and anchors with horizons on every side
    She cries, Sail with me, we’ll ride the waves together
    Sail with me, we’ll kiss the stars forever
    Sail with me to where you’ve never been before
    Sail with me along some golden shore
    Sail with me, the ocean’s deep and wide
    Let me take you over to the other side
    Alan Bates & Sue Kyle, (Tour 1975 to 1979 & 1984 to 1986), Salmon Arm BC, July 20, 2014